Studio Sights...

Studio Sounds...
Listen to recent performances by our studio members ...
... and a few tracks from Dr. Kelly.
Tomasi "Concerto" mvt. I
Henze "Sonatine" mvt II
Barrett "Sonata"
Gillingham "When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone" mvt I
Korda "Sonatine" mvt I

Katie Reeves: Arutunian "Aria"
Enrique Molina: Haydn Concerto, mvt I
Turrin "Psalm"
Stravinksy "Dance Infernal"
   (from Firebird Suite)
Principal trumpet, Mobile Symphony Orchestra, May 2011
Enrique Molina: I Remember Clifford
"Desfinado" with TAMU-C's 'Mane' Attraction Jazz Ensemble
Lang "Song Without Words"
Katie Reeves: Turrin "Psalm"
Trumpet Ensemble: Arnold's "A Hoffnung Fanfare"
Trumpet Ensemble: Verdi's "Tuba Mirum Fanfare"
Jessica Boren: Allegretto from
​Balay's "Andante et Allegretto"​
Opening of David Sampson's "Legend" - TAMUC Wind Ensemble conducted by Phillip Clements (Enrique Molina, soloist)
Petrov's Concerto with TAMUC's Wind Ensemble at the Meyerson Symphony Hall, Phil Clements conducting.